Disable “share note” button?

I know you guys worked really hard on this, so I’m sorry to ask, but… is there a way to disable the “share note” button that now appears every time I’m looking at a note? I’m not going to use it (at least not any time soon), so for me it just clutters up the otherwise generally unobtrusive UI.

Also, it seems like an interesting decision to elevate that button to a top-level element. I mean I get it, from the perspective of wanting to make this big new feature front and center, plus the network effect of inviting new users. But I would expect it to be in the “mark” or “other actions” list, not a new icon on the note itself.

I do think it makes sense to display the icon on a note that is being shared. But if a note is just mine, I don’t understand why that button would have such a prominent position.


I’m afraid there’s no way to hide the button at the moment. I understand your point, but as with everything there will be parts of the app you’ll use a lot and others rarely and vice versa. We feel it warrants the location we gave it, but I understand that for you this less the case. It’s unfortunately a balance that will always be a hard one to find. Thanks for the feedback nevertheless!

Agree with you. Don’t use collaboration at all so not getting any benefit with v16 and now additionally have to put up with intrusive icon…

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Also agree. While I get striking a balance, I can’t imagine this is a feature that would be used by even a small majority. It should be a checkbox disable feature.

Yes please! Some people I collaborate use Macs, some use Windows. None use Agenda afaik. I can’t imagine ever sharing a note using Agenda, as it would require people to be Mac users and install another app. We already have ways of sharing stuff.

I can see the point of the feature in some situations, but not mine. It would be great to be able to remove what for me is just screen clutter.

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I agree with the thread. Perhaps this can be moved under the gear. I love the idea of collaborating on a note but it is infrequent. How ever the icon on every note has felt distracting.

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Same here, keep the interface clean and simple, do not clutter!

Just add my vote to have a way to hide the icon. It is just too invasive and distracts me from working on the notes.

I have to +1 this.

Is a feature that I (and I assume the vast majority of users) will never use. It does not merit such a prominent position in my opinion.

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