Disable Screen Lock in iOS

There are many times I am taking a note on my iPad or iPhone that I do not type anything within 30 seconds and my screen automatically locks. I either have to keep tapping on the screen or unlock it before I can start taking notes again. It would be great if there was an option to keep the screen awake while you are currently editing a note.

I see what you mean but I don’t think that’s a good idea. Most of the time you want to screen lock after a certain while to save battery life. Instead I would simply change your setting in the Settings.app for your phone to be less aggressively putting the display to sleep (longer timeout).

I understand your concern about battery life but taking/looking at notes in a meeting is one case that I think it could be helpful to keep the screen on all the time. It’s also why I requested it as an optional setting and not on by default.

Having this enabled only on Agenda, also means that I will save battery life and increase security because the timeout is shorter on all other apps.

Perhaps there’s a simple dropdown in the app settings like “Extend screen lock while editing notes:” with the following options

  1. Never
  2. 5 minutes
  3. 10 minutes
  4. Forever

Sorry, I think this is really a system level setting, it doesn’t make sense to vary this on a per app basis in our opinion.