Difficult to change order of categories

I find it very difficult to change the order of categries (MacOS), e.g. I want to move the first one to the end. Or between two others.
It results almost always in moving the category inside a category - changing it to a sub-category.

I’ve been having this exact problem. The only way I can get my categories into the right order is by dropping them into the parent category in reverse. Ie z then y then x etc.

Annoying when you want to add a new one as you have to repeat the process

It’s the same on mac and iOS.

Unfortunately this has very much to do with the limitations of the tableview and we use these. We’ll see if it can be further improved but it’s not something trivial alas.

Maybe two options behind the „…“ for the category:

  • „Move up category“ and
  • „Move down category"

The same like what we can to with notes.

Cheers, can think about that indeed

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"Cheers!“ (or: „Skál“).
Or: "Góða nótt“ (= Good night).

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