Different behavior showing assigned date

What I did:
Assinged Notes to a specific Date

What happened:
on iPhone: The absolute Date is displayed in the upper right corncer (exception with today). It looks like this for these dates

  • 07.09.2020. = Today
  • 08.09.2020 = 08.09.2020
  • 09.09.2020 = 09.09.2020
  • 10.09.2020 = 10.09.2020

On Mac and iPadOS, it looks different:

  • 07.09.2020. = Today
  • 08.09.2020 = Tomorrow
  • 09.09.2020 = Next Wednesday
  • 10.09.2020 = Next Thursday

What I expected:

  • Same behavior on all platform, because what I try to do is a weekly overview of my notes where I want to see both, the Date and the Weekday.

When I name the title = Weekday (nmeans Name of the day like „Monday" as title and top right corner the assigned date) it looks good at iPhone:

  • Monday Today
  • Tuesday 08.09.2020
  • Wednesday 09.09.2020

But on my iPad and Mac, it looks like this

  • Monday Today
  • Tuesday Tomorrow
  • Wednesday Next Wednesday

Not really what I want to have.

But do it vise versa, I habe the date doubled on iPhone (as title and assinge Date).

I Could use Weekday and Date in Title, which may look ok all (still see the date two times on iPhone), but it looks terrible on exports where the absolute Date seems to be the default.

So I would like to have a consistant behavlour on all platforms regarding display in the app and also in the exports.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

  • Latest Versions (No Beta)

All of this will be fixed in the upcoming version 11 update, the date will be on a separate line and shown in the same way as on iPad and Mac.

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Well… I think this is not my favorite solution for that. If the title is the Name of the day and the day you look on it is Monday , you will see For the current week

  • Monday Today
  • Tuesday next Tuesday
  • Wednesday next Wednesday

I guess when the title is the date it will look like this when looking on it later for dates in the past

  • 20.07.2020 Mo, 20.07.2020
  • 21.07.2020 Tue, 21.07.2020

I guess the same for export?

So use day or date in title would always end in bad readability I think. Naming all daily notes „Daily Note“ … well, would also not a nice option but seems to be the only way to deal with that, even when loose the date information for notes of the current week :laughing:

I am not sure what you mean with „title" …
The title of a note would be „Monday“ (or „07.09.2020") and the assigned date „Today“.
Or the title of a note would be „Friday“ (or „04.09.2020") and the assigned date „Fri, 04.09.2020“
The title of a note never changes but, depening on the settings for relative dates, the assigned date is shown differently in case it is a few day sin the future or past.
Maybe I missunderstood something, please correct me.

I propose you check out how things have changed (including the new preference options) in version 11 and then share your feedback if you still feel there is room for improvement. Things have changed quite a bit in this area.

You are right…by the way, great app :wink:


@csterneck: To reply to your question, maybe screenshots say more than words.

I want to have a weekly agenda (weekly projects)

That ist how it looks like on iPhone when use the name of the week as title

And how it looks on iPad and Mac (and in future on iPhone if i understood it right)

What I want to see is either how it is on iPhone now even for the current week or vice versa hava the name of the day on the right by adding the note to a date and use the date as title instead of the name of the week. But this will only word for the current week. The next week will then look somehow like this:

I need to find a way to name the notes and not have the name of the day or the date twice there

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This will be possible in v11 indeed, also in combination with the template and/or x-callback-url options.

Great to hear. Are there already plans when v1 1 may be released :slight_smile: ?

Thank you for the screenshot, and correct „Ein Bild sagt mehr als 1.000 Worte“!
Yes, there are viasual changes in this part of the notes in v11 and I assume the changes will make it more clear (showing the date).