Difference between Agenda downloaded from the Mac App Store, and from the Website

The question is in the title : is there a difference between Agenda downloaded from the mac app store, and from the Website ?

Thank you

My experience, most of the factions are the same, but payment will be gone through App Store if you paid via Mac App Store version. Not sure if there are any difference besides this.

That’s what I though ! But was not sure :thinking:
Thank you :pray:

Indeed there are very few differences. Perhaps the biggest one is that Sign in with Apple only works with the Mac App Store version.

Well, it seems to me that once you purchase through the App Store, you can’t switch?
In order to have all of my premium fee go to the Agenda crew, I tried to download from the Agenda site and I could not get the app to launch.
I tried restarting, and re-downloading (v. 14), but nothing I tried work.


I had a look at the crash but it seems unrelated, you should be able to switch just fine between the two versions. I’ve sent you some instructions to try.