Dictation inconsistencies

What I did:
Opened a note in a project to use as a place for saving key phrases while listening to a long Federal regulation document on another device. (Saving a very long document into Agenda was its own bad experience previously.)

What happened:
• the first couple lines saved as dictated, saying “new line” after each
• for the next several entries (with time intervals and dictation stopping in between) instead of saving what I spoke, it only saved a single word, like “Experience.”
• the note wouldn’t scroll itself when dictating, and after I said “new line,” the cursor would just disappear.
• my text may have been getting lost after “new line” and cursor disappearance or after dictation turning off. I was driving, so I couldn’t watch too closely what was happening.
• I stopped saving to Agenda when I realized I couldn’t rely on it to save my notes.
• I tried the Shortcut method first, and when I got the “helper application” error again, with the app then open (to fix the Shortcut error), I thought I would save directly to the app. Didn’t turn out to be a fix.

What I expected:
• the app to just save my few key words of text on their own lines in a single note
• one dictation to work after another in the same note

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

    iPhone mini 12, latest updates

I tired to simulate the problem on my iPad mini 6. It didn’t lose text, but the cursor would do weird things when I said “new line”, lines would repeat, and it didn’t seem like a stable experience. I’m not sure if it was also related to the cursor going off the screen.

Sorry for the trouble. We have heard from others about the scrolling issue with dictation. It is on our list to investigate.

I am going to take your complaints along and look into this in depth. Seems like it is not working as it should.

Thanks for the feedback!