Dictation and voice record or memo

I need dictation and voice record or memo!!!


We would like to add the ability to record voice in future. It is on our list.

For now, you can use the built in dictation. It works in all apps, including Agenda.

On iOS, use the button on the keyboard. On Mac, look at Edit > Start Dictation…

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Note that dictation is already supported. Is there some reason the built in system dictation does not work for you?

I would definitely agree with you! Voice record would be a awesome feature to have!

It would be also super nice to be sure to have the voice record also be easily incorporated into the table (it works in evernote btw :P). See attachment below :slight_smile:

I can think of a common use case where I want to attach an audio snippet to a piece of text. This could apply to students, journalists and researchers.

As a UX researcher, I can imagine using Agenda as a voice recording app too. The audio I’d then transcribe to get a written form. This is because the built-in iOS voice recorder has proven unreliable at syncing recently.

Yes, we would like to have audio recording at some point. It is quite a high priority. Popular request.

Note that you can already attach files to Agenda notes, and audio files should work too in that way. What is missing is the recorder.