Dictating to Agenda iOS - scrolling not happening

What I did:
Opened an existing note. With cursor at the end of the text, I selected the dictation keyboard, and dictated some text.

What happened:
The note did not scroll and show the text as I was dictating. I can’t tell if the text was being entered in the note and not visible (because of lack of scrolling), or whether the dictation system only entered the text in the note once I touched the keyboard menu icon.

What I expected:
To be able to see the text as I dictate.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
latest Agenda, iOS 12


I did look into this at one point, and I thought it was working, but having just tested, it seems it is indeed not expanding the note to fit the new text until you stop. I will investigate. Thanks for reporting.

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