Dictating into Agenda on iPhone - note doesn’t scroll



What I did: dictated into a note on my iPhone

What happened: when I started I could see the text being typed. But when the screen was full, I couldn’t see the addtional text. When I clicked on the screen the ‘keyboard’ dropped away and I could see the text I had been dictating.

What I expected: The note to scroll up so that I could always see the text I am dictating.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

latest appstore Agenda, iOS 11.4.1, iphone 5.


Sounds like a bug. Will note it down. Thanks!


Hmm, I just tested this myself, and it did scroll automatically. Do you have the latest version? Does the issue happen every time, or was it a once off?


Just tried again. It’s still happening. I using V2.1.3.

I’ve just tried on my iPad, same issue.

Incidentally, I would have expected ‘new paragraph’ to move the cursor from the title to the text, but I have to tap to do that.


So this issue happens for you in every note? Also with projects with few/many notes?

Can you see if it is a particular set of circumstances? Eg. Many notes vs few. Large note vs small.


I’ve only tried using dictation recently, and it’s happened every time, so I’ve given up for now! Can’t remember the first few notes, but when I was testing they were new notes in a project with perhaps 3 other notes.