Dictate text to note via Apple Watch?

Hi all,

I’ve made a shortcut where I dictate text, it grabs the current date and adds the text to a new note in my Inbox notebook in Agenda.

It works great on my iPad but when I try running this from the Apple Watch, it gives me a “shortcuts could not open the app for the URL scheme ‘agenda’ because the app is not installed on this device.“

Is there any way to make a workaround to make this possible via the Apple Watch? I’m trying to replace Just Press Record on my watch and just go directly into Agenda.

Does it work if you use our link forwarder, like this: https://accounts.agenda.com/agenda/<query here>

So for example if the link was:


You would now use:


The real solution longer term would be to use the native Agenda shortcuts that we start shipping in Agenda 15. It’s early days but we would like to make those work in these settings. Would it be possible to share your current shortcut with me (alex@agenda.com), I’d be curious to have a look and see if I can already make it work with the new shortcuts.

Thanks Alex.

I tried but the link is just trying to open in Safari and gives me a blank page without sending any data to the app. I just sent you the shortcut I created. Thanks!

Ok thanks, we’ll try to get this to work with the new shortcut system, might take a bit of time, but hopefully not too long