Dictate Into Agenda Note

Good Day,

I am trying to set up a simple workflow where I can use Siri to dictate directly into an Agenda note. I’ve been successful with setting up a Shortcut where Siri opens the note, but I then need to tap the note to allow me to dictate. Takes me 2-3 steps.

Is it possible to add a task or dictate directly into a note in one voice command?

Workflow would look like this:

1 Voice command.
2 Siri opens specific note.
3 Adds text to note.


It should be possible I think if it’s always a fixed note, using the Shortcuts app and using the x-callback-urls, or even as simple as copying the agenda link for the note you’d like to dictate into. If however you’d like Siri to create new notes and dictate into them, or use Siri to select a note dynamically before adding text, that’s not yet possible, something we’d like to add in a future update.