Desperate to be able to access Agenda over the web

I’m falling for Agenda quickly. Rather unlike me for most productivity apps. My workflows are highly refined for what I need and few apps are able to provide transformation on any level more than incrementalism with some crappy tradeoffs. Agenda is different. It’s a game changer.

That said, I know I am different kind of customer. I work for government in secure/closed facilities. controlled networks. No personal devices allowed. So my phone, tablet, laptop, etc are not within reach during the workday. I have to work on the desktop and with the tools they give me.

I do most of my stuff on Agenda when I’m not in the office so it works great. But then I cannot access my notes and projects from inside. I’m desperate!

Totally willing to accept read only access. It’d be super helpful to at least see what I have written in there for my various work projects.

Any suggestions on ways I might be able to do this?

Worst case scenario, maybe a python script to export all my Agenda projects and notes to my own web server?

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We have had ideas about how we could make content available on other platforms, but haven’t got around to implementing it, I’m afraid.

We do support Shortcuts. It should be possible to get all projects, and for each project, get the notes, and get the markdown or rich text of the note, and save that to some folder where you can serve it to yourself (eg web server).

The info is here: Agenda Shortcuts and Reference - #2 by mekentosj

You could write a post in the Shortcuts section of asking if someone has already made such a shortcut and is willing to share it with you.

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