"Deleting note"(s) is not consequent

What I did:

  • Selecting several notes (focus/cursor is not active in the text area of one of the selected notes) e.g. by using the Shift key or Command-A.
    a) Chosing „Delete note“ from the dropdown menu.
    b) Hitting the Delete key (above Return)

What happened:
a) Only one note was delete: The note which was under the cursor where the right click was made. The other, selected/chosen notes stay „alive“.
b) The chosen notes were deleted.

What I expected:
a) I expected b) (all selected notes are deleted) and in the dropdown menu „Delete notes“ (plural of note)
b) correct.

IN GENERAL: There a more things buggy connected to organizing notes. I played around with adding, deleting, selecting a few or all (by Command-A), moving … Once the app crashed after adding two notes or Command-A does not select ALL notes … I guess if you do something similar (just adding, deleting, moving, selecting notes, NOT editing) you might see similar bugs.

I can confirm this bug: Crash dragging event in empty note panel

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
beta 2.2

Thanks again for reporting, I’ve found the crash reports and will take a look.

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