Deleting all notes

What I did:
I installed Agenda and to experience the notetaking in this app, I imported the notes from Apple Notes. I’ve got a bunch of notes with pictures in it.

What happened:
Importing went well, but all my notes with pictures are useless now, because I don’t see the pictures.

Is there a way to start all over again? I tried to delete Agenda notes with CleanMyMac, but my notes are still there. Can you tell me te exact location, where my notes are archived or show me the way to delete them all at once?
I’ve got a lot of notes to delete otherwise.

My strategy is to start working with Agenda, all fresh and clean and when I need to make a note with pictures, I’ll do that in Apple notes untill the release of inline attachments in Agenda.

Thanks in Advance for helping me!

The reason the first try didn’t work is probably because the notes were restored from iCloud. In order to completely reset the app (make sure it’s not running):

  1. switch off iCloud sync in the Agenda preferences, when it asks indicate you want to remove the data from iCloud

  2. delete the agenda container. In Finder, under the Go menu, select Go to Folder…, and type:


then delete the folder com.momenta.agenda.macos

  1. in the, type:

killall -u $USER cfprefsd

When you start the app it should completely begin from scratch.

A…that’s helpful! thanks!

Can’t wait for the update with inline attachments, because I like the workflow with Agenda!