Deleting a reminder from Agenda and Reminders app

I haven’t used Agenda / much. I’ve experimented with it, and whenever I delete a reminder from Agenda by pressing backspace, it remains in Reminders, which is not what I want. So I just figured that Reminders aren’t of much use to me at this point.

My goal is to delete a reminder from Agenda, and have it be removed from as well.

I’ve seen hints that there’s another way to delete reminders – that there’s an option in the popup menu – and that using that will delete it from Reminders as well.

Here’s the documentation. And here’s what I see in Agenda 9.1.3 on MacOS 10.14.6. I don’t see an option to delete the reminder. Am I missing something super obvious?

We’ll have a look, in principle that’s indeed the way to delete a reminder (Edit, then in the popover Delete should appear in the lower left corner). We’ll have a look why it’s not allowing you to do this.