Deleted picture reappearing

What I did:
On one Project I put a picture in on my iPad. Then I deleted it, but it wan’t remove proper.
What happened:
It will appear again. It will appear multiple times.
What I expected:
I want to delet and it should noot appear again.
Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

I deleted it again and it appeared 4 times.

Is it posible to set my Mac as Master and the iPhone and Ipad as Slave??

When you delete the image is the note empty? And you are particularly referring to deleting the image from the note, not the note itself correct? Finally, is the note on the agenda?

One of the pictures I used in my notes is blurry, and now I can’t get rid of the picture unless I delete the entire note. Please help

I think this may be related to some issues we have with paragraphs reappearing. For you, this is happening with an image, but I think in theory it could happen to any text.

The good news is that we have a fix coming today in a beta, and should be out to the public in a few days. Perhaps you can leave the image for now, and try again with that new version, or let me know, and I can put you on the beta program.

Ok keep me updated. I purchased your premium and would like to help you develop your app. It has great potential