Deleted notes folder


I think it would be great to have a “deleted notes” folder, so that if you delete a note but want to restore it later, you can.

Thank you



Thanks Jeremy! Yes, a trash for notes is an idea we like too. Stay tuned.


The option to set a delay for complete deletion after X days would be cool.


I’m on the same page, I am what’s known as a “worry wort”, If there is something to worry about, then 99.9% of the time, I’m extremely worried about it. To ease any worries over a note that I might not need anymore, but might be useful down the road (better safe than sorry), I created an Archive Folder. To be more specific, I created a Project, and I chose the word “Archive”, because for me the word “Delete” arises panic.

I also use Agenda as a reminder for due dates, ie, bills, book reports (any kind of document/project regarding my kiddos), cancel subscriptions, sky is the limit. Once it’s complete, I create a Project, name it Paid/Finished, hard press original note and drag down to the Paid/Finished, creating a note, naming it “Water Bill”, placing paid note into the Archive section. I hope this advice made sense or possibly provides positive feedback on Jeremy’s original idea of creating a “Deleted Note”

Excellent Idea Jeremy!!!

I’m usually a quick learner and I have to admit that it’s taken alot of research on the language associated with these “agenda/list” apps. I had no idea what a snippet was, or how it can be beneficial in these type of apps. Javascript? I was thinking this was some sort of “hidden word” for some kind of super coffee for work addicted go getter.

In closing, downloading Agenda has sent me on a learning experience that I have very much enjoyed. I still have a long way to go, but I’m having fun catching up with all of the snippet gurus and super coffee users of Javascript, that has nothing at all to do with coffee.

Sorry for the Chapter book on my skills or lack thereof on this new (to me) Cyber Lingo,

Stacey :nerd_face:


Thanks for sharing Stacey! Sorry for the tech talk. I wasn’t aware we got that deeply into things, other than perhaps in the x-callback automation stuff, but that is really for geeks.

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You are so very welcome, and I have a bad habit of typing a chapter (thinking that I am making my feedback easy to follow), when in reality, others probably stay to lose interest. I have enjoyed researching and inputting others ideas into how I use Agenda. (I’m definitely an Agenda Geek)