Delete tags from Tag Manager

What I did:Open Tag Manager in Agenda/Window/Tag

What happened:Presented with Tags that I either did not create or have forgotten that I created.

What I expected:To be able to delete these unwanted tags.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):How to delete a tag from the Tag Manager.

First thing to check is if it’s resolved by emptying the trash (in the Agenda sidebar), only upon really deleting the projects or notes are tags removed from the tag manager. We also plan to make it possible directly from the tag manager to delete a note in a future update.

Hello, thanks for helping. The trash is empty; is there a 2nd thing to look at? I do not recognize these tags; they are probably something that got created months ago by me, but they mean nothing now. If I create an overview for one of the unknown tags it does not contain any notes.

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Update: in Agenda 16.1 you can now delete tags from the tag manager, choosing to either delete them altogether from the notes they appear in, or have them converted to plain text.

Love it. Thanks

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