Delete Sample Projects

What I did: At the beginning I chose not to keep the sample projects but when using the app I clicked on something related to them and now they are not in the left bar but are still in some submenus. I would like to delete all. I do not need them but I do not find any way to access to them and delete them.

Hmm, strange. Easiest is to quit Agenda, then in the Finder use the Go > Go to Folder… command and type:


Then delete the folders that have SampleTemplate in their name (like BusinessSampleTemplate.agenda-document).

Do they now go away if you start Agenda?

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Is there a way to do this in iOS?

It’s less easy on iOS, you’d either need to use an app that allows you to browse your iPhone contents and do something similar as the above, or easiest, follow the steps on a synced mac (if you have any) and the changes should propagate to all your synced devices.