Default to full width images

What I did: Drag an image file into a note

What happened: It displayed as ‘Thumbnail & Title’ view

What I expected: What I want is to be able to have all images embedded into all notes to default to the ‘Full Width’ view. Is this possible?

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

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Do you have the premium feature to show them as full width? In principle it should remember the setting you pick after changing it.

I do. I’m more after a global setting that I can apply to all notes going forward, so any new note always uses full width. I realise I didn’t phrase the initial post well to indicate that.

In principle it should do that, unless you change one back to a different style, then that becomes the new default.

Not working for me, I choose full width but it’s always by default to thumbnail. Any ideas on how to get back to defaulting to last choice (or full)?

We’ll take a look, I just saw a similar report.


Same here - not working for me and keeping the default or being able to select as a global preferences would be great.

I am a new user and just started using this app. Loving it… But noted small minor adjustments that will make it better


Same here. Since a while ago, newly pasted images are never shown full width even though I always change them to be full width afterwards.

Can you try this in Agenda 14.1.1, we did make fixes for this in the last update.

It looks good in testing so far, but I didn’t have many actual real world occurrences since. Will post details if it happens again.

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