Default editing behavior



So if I click on a note now I go into edit mode immediately. Don’t like that. Then when I am done adding to it or changing it, I am trapped in there unless I want to use the mouse or trackpad. Don’t like that either. Does not kill the product for me, but for sure want to get around with the keyboard and do not want to mistakenly blow up content. (As the category implies, just feedback not saying this is broken.)


Indeed we do have some keyboard shortcuts/actions on our todo list to exit edit mode. We do want to keep the enter-edit-mode-on-click behavior though, otherwise it becomes a pain any time you want to add or change something.


A pain because you have to press another key? Consider the idea of making it a preference. Would take a tiny amount of time to code. The problem with auto-edit mode is the possibility of messing things up but I guess you could implement undo.


Undo is already there, also for this reason indeed


May be time to build in a survey tool. Bet that idea goes down to rapid defeat.


It’s not unlikely we’ll do something like that, in Papers we had a built-in survey at some point and it did give us lots of valuable info. For most questions like these though we tend to simply listen to the feedback, if loads of people chime in with similar feelings we need to listen and rethink the approach.


Can you give me an example of another app that goes straight into edit mode on gaining focus? I could not think of one. Even in Reminders, if you click the row you get only focus and a highlight, you have to click the text to get edit.


Notes? No need to activate editing there, most text editors don’t require you to “unlock” the text before editing.


Oh ok so there’s the confusion, I didn’t know this was a text editor.

So the closest parallel to this app is a fusion of Reminders/Things, and Ulysses. In Ulysses, however, they have an intermediate abstraction: a Card. You can click on those and move them around, etc., without going into edit mode. Then if you click on the card itself, yes you go into edit mode.

Agenda does not have that so for instance if I just want to rearrange things, I am going in and out of edit on different things that I had no intention of editing.

If anything Ulysses needs more abstractions not fewer. Think Agenda will probably end up in the same boat.


If you want to treat the notes as ‘cards’, you can collapse them by double clicking the title bar of the note. In this state, they are not editable.