Default date format for new notes

When I create a new note it gets the ‘Untitled Note’ title, if I select a different date and assign then it gets the title formatted as ‘dd mmm yyyy’.
Is there any way to set the default so that new notes are named that way?
Failing that is there a shortcut option on iOS to do that? There seems to be one to create a new note but no way to do anything with the title.

There’s no such way at the moment, thanks for the feedback, we’ll think about it.

Creating such a Shortcut is easy. See this example:

Can you post a screenshot of the actions rather than something I need to install?

Tap “Show actions” on install in order to preview the Shortcut. I’ll try to post screenshots as well next time.

Resurrecting this to add support for the idea. It would be awesome to have a preference or setting that allows one to change the default title of a new note.

I would love to have new notes titled with long date (i.e. Wednesday October 27, 2021). I know I could use Shortcuts or text expansion, this would just be a nice little thing.



The direction we’re thinking that would allow for this, and be more versatile + solve a number of other requests, would be to allow you to set a default template as the new note on a per category, project, and/or global level. You could then make the template have the note titles with long dates using the \date(full) placeholder.

Can’t promise when but it’s among the list of template improvements we’d love to add at some point.

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Ooh that’s a lovely idea! I should also make a template for now that I invoke deliberately.

Thanks for this!


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