Deeplinking with copy+paste

There already exists deep linking, you can copy a note link and paste it anywhere. A suggestion is a new shortcut or option to actually deep link the paragraph (or the note) whenever you copy something, so, when pasting, it would paste a shortened version of the link right next to the text selected. An easy solution for those who wish to integrate agenda with other apps.

Can you explain this a little more? One of the problems with Copy and Paste is that you don’t have much control over what is pasted. The accepting app usually chooses for you. So Agenda can put text and a URL on the pasteboard, but when you paste, the other app will probably just choose the text.

Did you have something else in mind? Eg a special “Copy Link” mode for paragraphs?

I think I understand what you mean, are you saying you want an Agenda link that can point to the precise paragraph instead of to the note only?

There could be a shortcut, like, control + c (or a different copy mode) that would get the selected text (be it a paragraph or a bunch of paragraphs) and add a link to that text right at the end of it when pasting.
For example, in obsidian there’s a plugin called marginnote companion. When activated, you can click a text box in your marginnote canvas and it would automatically copy with content + deeplink at the end of the text.
Since obsidian has an auto paste option, it is possible to auto paste everything you click in marginnote (but this isn’t the feature I’m suggesting).

Here are some example how the deeplink work there: