Dedicated task list

I was hoping that Agenda would let me have just one app for my notes and tasks, but it looks like I still need a separate task app. The reason being is I like to work off of one task list, which usually consists of tasks across different projects.

I know that I can add tasks to a note, but those tasks will just get lost in the notes, especially when they are spread across notes, and they don’t hide/archive when I check them off.

I also know that I can just treat a note like a task, but there’s not a clean way to indicate the note/task is complete and to hide it.


We have plans to offer better ways to work with tasks in future. Stay tuned!


What would be perfect for me is to link to tasks in Things the same way I link to calendar events… I don’t want to stop using Things (because of the laser focus it gives me) but would love to be able to see everything in Agenda all at once.


Completely agree. Maybe an inbox for tasks so we don’t need to use two programs, Things and Agenda.

We are thinking about options in this direction. Thanks for the feedback!


I would also like to be able to prioritize tasks/projects. “On The Agenda” allows you to have 2 categories, on or off the agenda. Right now I can only click off for completed tasks, but it would be nice to be able to move things for “Later” or to at least prioritize agenda items.

You could use a tag for that, or perhaps set a date in the future. The “on the agenda” is indeed really just a flag that says I’m working on this now.