Dealing with people-tags properly

Hello everyone,

I understand that people-tags can’t have spaces.
But since my name is “Marc Richter” and there are several “Marc”s in my department, how is the intention from a developer’s view to make proper use of that feature? Isn’t it quite unhandy to think of ways around this (like with Marc_Richter instead) than to just support spaces?



We hope to support spaces going forward. It certainly makes sense for people, but also in tags.

For now, consider using initials, or just leaving out the space (eg BobSmith).

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Any update here? Seems this has been ~1 year since the last update.

It’s on the roadmap, and quite a high priority. But there are a bunch of things like that, and it’s a case case of 24 hours in a day. We’ll get to it. Sorry for the delay.