Dates, Events, and Reminders

We’ll try to make this more intuitive, thanks for the feedback

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I have two question:

  • There is no way to set repeat reminder in Agenda, right?
  • Is there a shortcut to set the reminder as all day instead of clicking on the downward arrow icon?

For both the answer is not at the moment, things we’d like to offer in the future.

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The new calendar event has “location” as a field. Is there a way to link this with contacts? Sure would be handy. Thanks in advance.

Not at the moment, but proper “Contacts” integration is among the things we’d like to add: The features we are working on right now…

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I know this is quite old, but using this instance, of reoccurring events, once linked to the reoccurring event, does this link of the reoccurring event reappear on the next occurrence of that reoccurring event, i.e. a new note with that reoccurring note, or do you have to relink that event to a new note? It would greatly simplify the process if it automatically created a new note with that link instead of having to constantly watch the calendar section and manually creating that link. If it already does this, I am not able to figure out how to do it.

Top part of this was a reply by @mekentosj I am still wondering if this is possible, that is, my question in the quote?

The latter indeed, you will always have to create a new note yourself, as often we have meetings etc that don’t really need a note for all instances it would otherwise create a lot of empty notes. Again, our goal is not for Agenda to become a replacement of the calendar app, rather work alongside.

Thx Alex. I appreciate setting me straight on this. Thought I was doing something wrong.

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Wow, I just realized that if I add a \remind(tomorrow morning) at the end of a checkmark list item in my note and I mark the task as done in the reminders app, the checkmark list entry in my note will also be marked as done. Automagically.

Agenda is simply amazing!

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Glad you like that one!


Hello, I would expect that the connection of a calender event and a note would be deleted if the note is deleted (not shown in the calendar side bar).
Can I change that somehow?


Yes, this should happen. If you delete the note, the link to Agenda in the calendar event should be removed. And vice versa, if you delete the calendar event in the Calendar app, the note will no longer be linked in Agenda.

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Hi, I’ve tried my best to find this answer, and I suspect I know what it is, but:

Is it possible to not display all the different reminder lists in the infinite scroll view on the right? I have a ‘personal’ list which has stuff that’s overdue (my work stuff on Agenda isn’t!) - the infinite view shows it every day because it’s overdue. It’s a real distraction when working in Agenda, cos I don’t use it for that.

Thank you!

Is it possible to not display all the different reminder lists in the infinite scroll view on the right?

Yes, in the Agenda preferences you can determine which calendars and reminder lists you’d like to be shown in the inspector. Note that this is a premium feature.