Dates, Events, and Reminders

Wow, I just realized that if I add a \remind(tomorrow morning) at the end of a checkmark list item in my note and I mark the task as done in the reminders app, the checkmark list entry in my note will also be marked as done. Automagically.

Agenda is simply amazing!

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Glad you like that one!


Hello, I would expect that the connection of a calender event and a note would be deleted if the note is deleted (not shown in the calendar side bar).
Can I change that somehow?


Yes, this should happen. If you delete the note, the link to Agenda in the calendar event should be removed. And vice versa, if you delete the calendar event in the Calendar app, the note will no longer be linked in Agenda.

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Hi, I’ve tried my best to find this answer, and I suspect I know what it is, but:

Is it possible to not display all the different reminder lists in the infinite scroll view on the right? I have a ‘personal’ list which has stuff that’s overdue (my work stuff on Agenda isn’t!) - the infinite view shows it every day because it’s overdue. It’s a real distraction when working in Agenda, cos I don’t use it for that.

Thank you!

Is it possible to not display all the different reminder lists in the infinite scroll view on the right?

Yes, in the Agenda preferences you can determine which calendars and reminder lists you’d like to be shown in the inspector. Note that this is a premium feature.

For those behind MDM profiles, I found a small workaround that would give you read-only access to your outlook calendars to show in the iOS Calendar and therefor show up in Agenda.

Read-only calendar in iPhone/iPad native Calendar app:

  1. Open Outlook from your web browser (not desktop app or mobile app).
  2. Go to Settings > View All Outlook Settings > Calendars > Shared Calendars > Publish a Calendar > choose your calendar and it will give you an .ics link
  3. On your iPhone/iPad, go to Settings > Calendar > Accounts > Add Account > Other > Add Subscribed Calendar > paste the .ics link.

Note, this is viewing only, you will not be able to create or edit Outlook appointments, but you can view them and get notifications from them. As Outlook calendar is my main calendar, the inconvenience of not being able to create an event is small compared to not being able to use the app at all.

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Are you sure you can’t add these calendars fully in the Calendar app? If you could, it should appear in Agenda as well.

Yes, unfortunately some corporations are managing the iOS apps through MDM (mobile device management) and blocking a number of these features. My company only allows calendar access for write/edit through the Outlook app. Since Agenda can’t communicate directly with the Outlook app right now, I needed this workaround to get my calendars visible in Agenda, even though they are read only.

Oh, sorry to hear that. Glad you at least found a way around. Thanks for sharing it. Probably useful for lots of people!

We can see reminders as well as notes linked to events and dates on the timeline in the right pane. Is there a way for the notes that have unchecked items as well as uncompleted reminder items in them to be identified differently? This would clarify - while scrolling the timeline - which past, present and future dated notes might have open items in them.


I’d say we have to be careful overloading the icons in a way where an already busy and relatively complex view becomes even more complex and busy. Instead the solution we’re going for is to offer more overview and search/filter options down the line so you could build the overviews you need, say for notes with unchecked items and/or uncompleted reminders


I think the calendar side should be a bit renovated graphically. In my experience as a user of Agenda, it is a bit difficult to read, because too homogeneous. Maybe, it would be good to remark better the days and the hours, distancing one day from the other, making the link icon to notes visible but smaller, and so on…Just a few simple remarks. I don’t know if they make sense to you.


Yes. Same experience here.

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@mekentosj I am just wondering if there is any comments to my post on the Calendar side of Agenda.

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We’ll have a small improvement in Agenda 17 that will help to make the calendar easier to read, but we don’t have any plans to dramatically alter the current appearance/setup.


Ok, thank you! This sounds good.

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