Dates and times question



Got another one: Start time for events. Is there any roadmap to letting me select a time or duration when I’m selecting date/range? And possibly it could appear in the list in order of relative start time?

Also: Is there a reason events that start later than ‘Today’ appear before ‘Today’ in the list, instead of after? In other words, I’m seeing events for Thursday before my Today events in the project they live under.


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We are not planning to add times to notes at this point. If you need that level of control, you can link them to calendar events.

Notes appear by default in reverse chronological order. The newest are at the top. If you want to change that, tap the project name at the top, and there is an option at the bottom of the list to reverse the order.

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Gotcha, thanks for the response.


Just a followup on this I grabbed the premium features and now i see how i can create calendar events with times, etc… so this is great! also drew thanks for your help this morning :grin: