Dateless notes should be pinned to the bottom

Let’s visualise the way people use real agendas:
#1 At the front, you have a few pages of important information (vision of the complete project, its purpose, estimated development time, budget, etc.)
#2 Then you have dated pages - one page per day. Here you document the progress of the project.
#3 The last pages of an agenda are usually Allocated for various reference material (names of project participants, addresses, phone numbers, etc.)

For #1, we have pinned notes
For #2, we’ve got dated notes
So it only makes sense that #3 should be the multitude of dateless notes there might exist in a project. It seems appropriate. In fact, if we consider one of the sample project that Agenda provides - the Yak App Development - we find a few loose notes holding “useful code snippets”. It is cumbersome to have loose notes like this scattered throughout a project as they are hard to find and easy to forget about. But if we move them all to the bottom, we suddenly know where to find them and the timeline view won’t feel clogged up anymore.

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We have certainly thought about a “Pin to Bottom” option, and it may well be added in future.

But we won’t force all undated notes to the bottom. Some notes don’t have useful dates, but it is very useful to be able to float them to any location in the note stream. I don’t use dates that often myself, and the ability to reorganize notes and add them at any point is very important.

Thanks for the feedback!

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Since dates on notes can be set or removed at any time, doesn’t pinning important information notes to the top, then sorting notes by date accomplish the same thing? Undated notes would go to the bottom of the list?

We actually use a sort of smart sorting. It doesn’t just put unsorted notes at the bottom. It tries to keep the relative location of an undated note in the time line.

So if you put an undated after one with a date, then change the sort order, the undated one will still be next to one it was originally next to. Ie the order of the timeline is the same, but reversed.

You can always drag notes to the bottom, and there are commands to easily move a note to the bottom. (Choose Note > Move to, and hold in the Option key. You will see an option to move the note after the last note.)

Thanks! Good to know.