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I also use Agenda to manage a bullet type journal, using the Assign Date/Period capability for that. Unfortunately entries don’t list in a logical way (This Week followed by This Month followed by Next Month, etc.), limiting the efficiency of using Agenda for bullet journalling.

If you have a trick to address that, or a fix for future update, it would be very helpful… Cheers

Agenda orders notes chronologically within projects. By default, it uses reverse-chronological order, so the latest notes are at the top. You can reverse this by clicking on the project title at the top, and using the menu item at the bottom of the menu list.

In overviews, notes are ordered first on project, and then chronologically. We hope to allow mixing in future.

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Thanks Drew for taking the time to respond. I knew that. So maybe I was flagging a new feature…

I think one could see the issue of having a note set to This Month being listed above a note set to Next Week. Being about logic or about productivity: I reckon it could be worth investigating. And not a quick fix to manually re-order notes.


Ah, I see. So you would prefer ranges to be handled more cleverly.

I think the logic is currently that the “next month” note is more in the future, so appears closer to the top. Future notes are first.

How would you prefer to have it? Imagine two notes starting on the same day, but one going a month, and one going for a week. To me it does make sense that the one going for a month would be first, since it extends most into the future. How do you see it?

In a bullet journal logic*:

  1. This week
  2. This month
  3. Next month
  4. Future logs

Note that an electronic version of a bullet journal (using Agenda) means that notes are not “ticked” as “done” but rather the dates/period is amended to reflect the above.

*Using the template option could offer a solution (maybe), where the order above is set manually as a template, and maintained even after updating the date/period for each note.

So that is in chronological order. Can’t you just click the project title at the top, and use the menu item at the bottom to flip the order?

As simple as that :upside_down_face: — I didn’t know about this feature.

Building from that experience, I’d suggest that a UI symbol be added after the project title (like the conventional 3 dots) to remove the guest work and to optimise accessibility.

Thanks mate for your help!

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OK, glad that helped. Will consider if there is a way to accentuate the menu.

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