Date tags integration with calendar view

Agenda’s date-aware tags (eg due(tomorrow)) have incredible potential but seem under-utilised as a first class concept. They would be much more useful if they integrated with the calendar view better, eg so you could see which days had notes containing a due tag, or see what notes were associated with a given day by their tags.

This is different to the built-in concept of associating a note with a calendar day because:

  • a note could be associated with multiple days, using multiple tags.
  • the tags would convey some meaning about what the association is (eg “due” as opposed to “done” as opposed to “happened” as opposed to “started” etc).

This feels like it aligns with Agenda’s positioning as a date-centric notes app.

Competing apps like Obsidian struggle to implement this without awkward tradeoffs, but Agenda’s date-aware tags feel ideal for this.


That’s a nice idea, we’ll take it along!

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Wish I had proposed that! I’ve been experimenting with tags as automation triggers for specific other tags found in searches. Having the feature of these be identified in the Agenda calendar would eliminate most of the searches, visual representation of days a note was textually updated, associated projects and notes, even identify those needing a tag updated, added or removed and the list goes on. I agree it’s time to build on the improvements already made on tags and put them to work.