Date tag - “quarter”

I’d like to create a tag for each quarter of the year, eg goal(q1 2023) and have the parameters be searchable as dates. How can I do that?

Edited to explain what I’m trying to achieve:

For major projects I create a pinned note which includes the goal of the project. These goals will be my goals for each quarter.

I want to be able to create an overview of these posts, eg #goals(q2 2023)

I’m thinking if I add a corresponding tag to each post I can do that.

I don’t see how to create a date parameter for a quarter without typing out each date. Now am I clear whether I can (or need to) include the start and end dates of the quarter.

I mainly want to have a saved overview for the current quarter so I can quickly remind myself of all my current goals.

However looking at previous quarters as part of a review process would also be useful from time to time.

Ideas welcome!

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We currently only support these kind of searches on dates for “due” tags, but you should be able to treat them as simply text if you stay consistent. i.e. if you use say #goals(q2 2023) and #goals(q3 2023), you can search for all #goals or specifically to the quarter, e.g. #goals(q2 2023).

It’s not yet possible to search of say all goals for 2023 or something, that would probably go too far and would be too specific to your use case.

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