Date stamping on notes

What I did: Created a new note

What happened: I dont think it date/time stamped it. When I hit the calendar icon, then I was able to assign a date/time to the note.

What I expected: I expected the note to be assigned a date and time when I created it atomatically.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): Thanks!


Right now there is no automatic dating of newly created notes possible, we’ve heard this request more often, we’ll think about adding this option.

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Thanks…I just wanted to make sure that ther wasnt a setting option that I missed.

I would vote in favor of adding that as a default setting—time/date stamp it when you create the note. You could always delete it if you didnt want a stamp on it for some reason or link it to a future calendar event if that was desired.

Thanks for listening!


This would be super valuable — to have notes with a small tag that shows when it was made or edited. This can be helpful in going back to see things and understand how they correlate to when they were created, not just when they were assigned. Some notes are just for keeping summaries, not just assigning tasks.

Hi team
I’m still hoping for an option to automatically stamp a note with a date/time on creation.

I just went through a re-org for my notes on a particular topic, creating a new project and moving the relevant notes to this new project (which in itself seems hard as there’s no drag and drop AFAICS).

Notes that have been associated with a calendar event are still in the correct date order but for any note I created just to record a conversation or interesting info from a presentation, the date order has gone. If I didn’t insert a date/time into the note I now have no idea when I made that note.

This situation is significantly worse than with a paper notebook (my benchmark “app”) as in a paper notebook my note would be sandwiched between others and I would be able to get a close approximation to the date, or indeed an exact date.

That other note taking app, Bear, provides me with a rich set of metadata including creation date/time, last updated date/time, even last device on which note was edited.

I’m sorry, but losing date order for an app that describes itself as “a date-focused note taking app” is, regrettably, a big problem for me.


Agenda doesn’t “loose date order”, in keeps date order until you decide to actively (re-)assign a date to a note. Internally we register the creation date but this is not (yet) viewable metadata (we also know the last edited date, as well as from which device). In the future we hope to make this user visible.

Thanks for the clarification, it seemed inconceivable that you didn’t have the metadata but it’s also a great shame it’s not visible.

Can you share where this is on the roadmap?



Unfortunately we don’t have an ETA yet, sorry.

Another vote for automatically visible creation (and modification) dates for notes. Perhaps when manually connecting a note to an event or a date, that metadata could be shown separately or in addition to the automatic creation date info? Thanks.