Date stamp trick

I often have tasks as checklist items, eg “call Bill about X”

But when I’ve called Bill and left a voicemail, should I check the item as complete? If I do, and he doesn’t get back to me the item gets lost. If I don’t, there’s a risk I call again and annoy him!

My solution is to add at the end of the checklist item: “left message #date(today)”

The only reason for using a tag is to create an actual date from “today”.

I use an Apple keyboard > text substitution to generate the tag quickly: eg xxd

When the he’s called back I can then mark the item as complete.

Nice trick. Thanks for sharing!

My approach with something like that would probably be to add another checklist item. I would check off “Call Bill”, and add “Did Bill call back?”. But indeed, the date aspect you have is useful.

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