Date Stamp new entries

I am very surprised that notes are not automatically stamped with the date the entry was created or date modified. I always thought that is the most important feature of journaling?
I know you can assign a date(but that could mean future due date or event) what is more important is to know when the note was created??
Am I missing something?

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Agenda is not a journaling app per se, but. you can use it for that. Note that there is an option to apply today’s date to all new notes. You find that in the app settings.

The date is much more flexible in Agenda. We see it as something like a relevance date. The date of the conference you are attending. The date of the meeting you are having next week. Etc. You can make it the creation date, but that is not the main purpose.

In addition to the comments from Drew, note that you can automatically assign Today’s date to a newly created note if you enable this in the Agenda preferences.

I create one daily note through Shortcuts and I’m able to assign the date to that note via the x-callback URL. In theory, you could easily create a shortcut to create notes and have them assigned to today.