Date Sort by Notes

Firstly Love Agenda :+1:
My only real Issue is, Sort Options are Minimal.
A Date “Note” Sort is needed Badly

EG: Searching “This Month” will show all notes with a date for that month.
But they are not in NOTE order.
They are listed by Category , Project and then Note order.

I Just want to see a LIST OF NOTES IN DATE ORDER.


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I guess you want to mix the notes from different projects into a single timeline, correct? At the moment they are always grouped by project.

We have ideas along these lines. Stay tuned!


Thats good to hear :+1:

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Seriously! I want to second this request. My professional life involves managing several multi step projects over months, and being able to sort every task from this wide scope in order will help me prioritize tasks. Not being able to sort this makes this app really no better than Onenote or Icloud Notes.


Please try to do this. Timeline will be the difference

Notes in projects are already sorted by date. It’s just the overviews (eg on the agenda) that are not full date sorted, because we group by project. There are plans to allow other options down the track. Stay tuned!

Hello, is there any update on this? (Sorting the “On The Agenda” by date rather than by project)

No update yet but certainly still something we’d like to bring in a future update.