Date in title

Is it possible to create a note with an x-callback-url with today’s date in the title? I see how to set the date for the note itself, but I want something like this to appear in the title: “Today’s Tasks - 7 June 2020”

I’m just getting started with x-callback-urls, so forgive me if this is a super basic question.

You would have to generate that title yourself and then send it as part of the x-callback-url. Are you trying to do this using Shortcuts or via some other way to trigger the url?

I’m using Keyboard Maestro.

Also, is there a way to put in Agenda tags and line breaks into the text of the Agenda note? I can only get a single line break with %0A, and %23 doesn’t seem to work for hashtags.

Not to be ‘snarky’ but a little playing with Shortcuts and the Agenda URL scheme will get you everything you want. And it’s fun. YMMV.

Shortcuts is fantastic, agreed. Right now, I’m trying to get to know KM better by learning how to do this.

Ok not possible, it seems.