Dashed lists - uncontrollable behavior

What I did: Created dashed lists.

What happened: Many dashes appear without me doing anything. It’s quite uncontrollable. When I delete the unwanted dashes, they just reappear like crazy. It’s really annoying and making the app quite unusable for me on macOS.

What I expected: Just simple dashed lists, like dash-entry-enter-dash-entry-enter…

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): I’m experiencing that issue on both of my MacBooks (MBP 15 2017, MBA 13 2019).

Sorry you are experiencing this. It is a known bug, and we have a fix in the next version, which is about to go into beta release.

The extra lines are triggered by sync with other devices, when you have an empty item at the end of the list. Avoiding an empty item, and avoid having two devices running at once should help.

The problem will be fixed properly in the next release. Sorry for the trouble.

Ahhh. I have the same issue… I typically use my iPad or MacBook at the same time and often have the devices running and enter something new on the iPhone…

Happy to hear that a fix is already in the works. In the meantime I have stopped using dashed lists.