Agenda is the ultimate notes-based app to handle multiple projects und date-based notes. But a great gap is the missing overview feature since app launch. Missing search and filter features are one big part of that and were requested several times. This is definitely an important and also from me long awaited part.

But just as important is an overall view of all ongoing projects, not just detailed information on specific things you’re searching/filtering for. A separat view next to the Agenda-View called „Dashboard“. This can be show each (incompleted) project, a percentage graph to show completed/incompleted notes, tasks, checklist-items, pinned notes counter, notes counter, tasks counter, and so on.

This visual statistic could be displayed on top of each project as „header“ or top pinned element.

Don’t know if we will go this far with statistics, but the plan is certainly to allow you to make your own overviews using more powerful search and filtering. You could then easily group together unfinished projects. The icons of the overview does give a rough indication of “fullness”, so you could use that to know how much work you have.

Going down the route of a full task manager of project planning app probably won’t happen. Agenda is a note taking app, and has to work in many different contacts. Our new search should help a lot for powerful workflows, but if you need full project planning, you might be better with OmniPlan or similar.

When will the new search/filter be available inside beta?

No ETA yet, also not yet the next update, tag autocompletion goes first…

For years, the bored search has been postponed. Other things constantly take priority. The missing search function is what should have existed from the beginning in order to be able to work with Agenda in a really meaningful way. I can’t understand your priorities at all.

In a way it’s very simple. First, projects like reworking search from the bottom up (which as you’ll agree is needed) are not just a weekend of work, we are two men in a garage, which means we can basically do 3-4 major releases per year. Search would be one of such releases (and our planning is such that we think it will be one this year).

Second, the reason other things took priority is that those things we worked on there was non of yet, while there has been a search functionality from day one. There’s a lot to be improved but you can search your notes. In contrast, you could not add attachments, you could not create reminders, you could not add tables to your notes, etc etc., which is why they took priority.

The good thing is that we are now getting somewhere and can address the shortcomings. First up are tags, which way more than search has been commented on to lack basic features like auto-complete and a tag browser. After that it will be search.


Out of curiosity, does this mean there will be more project-level metadata? Because I don’t think today there’s a notion of “finished” projects, is there? Archiving projects is the closest thing to that. So do you perhaps mean you could create an overview that shows you projects that have not been archived, and another that shows projects that have been archived?

No, I don’t think we’ll add much, I think what Drew meant is that by definition any project with unchecked items would be considered not done yet. In principle search will stay centred on notes, but yes, being able to define whether the note should be from projects that have either been or not been archived would be search criteria you could ideally use.

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Very cool!