Darker Theme?

Is it possible to get darker on the dark theme?

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Not at this point. You could try turning down screen brightness, or perhaps find an accessibility mode that helps.

We may add other themes in future, but for now we just have the one.

Can you explain why you would like a darker theme? The palette we have is pretty in line with Apple’s guidelines, I think.

I think k what Alex tried to say is that even thought your theme is dark, in oled screens it’s not true dark… it’s kind of greyish…

I would also prefer a true dark (or real black) theme instead

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Agreed. It’s just not a true black. Other apps with dark themes have tackled this problem. It’s kind of grayish and not the kind of contrast that makes the dark theme fun to use and just looks nicer overall.

You mean on iOS screens?

The black is indeed not true black, but I believe that is a deliberate design choice. It is very dark gray in many places, and highlights change things too. Eg. the currently editing notes is slightly lighter.

Yes but on iOS with OLED screens it doesn’t look all that good. You guys should consider having another theme true black or change the one existing already to true black

Yes on iOS screens. Just not a true black for the dark theme. Other apps are tackling this and providing updates that give a true black. Just a suggestion. If it’s not possible at this time, that’s ok. Thank you.

IMHO this is a first world problem. :grin:
Still on iPhone 7 plus for another year … as are a large part of their customer base, I’d presume.

Yes it is. LoL. We’re all blessed. So are you with your 7 plus. LoL.

Try changing your desktop to black. Windows in iOS 10+ are semi-translucent. If you have a red desktop, all open windows in dark mode, including Agenda, will have a reddish hue. Change it to black, and you’ll notice Agenda become noticeably darker… albeit not true black.

Was just asking about having a true black for the app on the latest iOS and iPhone XS max. Other apps are making the adjustment to get a true or close to true black. Not sure what that means changing my desktop to black. Can you elaborate? Thank you.

A true black theme option would be appreciated here as well. Things 3.8 does this really well; 2 dark themes, 1 of them is black.