Dark mode turned blue?

What I did: Updated Agenda

What happened: Dark mode turned from black/dark gray to a navy blue color

What I expected: Dark mode to stay black or at least have that as an option

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): Agenda v. 5.2 (74) - Paddle, Mac OS Mojave 10.14.3

When I go into preferences I have the choice for system, dark mode, or light mode. System and dark mode are both a dark navy blue color, light mode is of course white. Previously dark mode was black/dark gray (which is what I prefer and want to get back to). Is this a new “feature”, a bug, or an issue with my system that I have to address outside of Agenda?

When you switch on dark mode on 10.14 Mojave we use the system dark mode colours, which are determined by the system based on your desktop wallpaper. It sounds like you either just upgraded to Mojave or changed your desktop picture, could this be the case?

I figured it out actually. I changed no settings and have been on Mojave for quite a while so I don’t know why/how this happened, but if I go into my system preferences >> General, there is an “Accent Color” option. Changing that also changes the color of dark mode Agenda. Chosing “Graphite” makes Agenda black/dark gray, otherwise it is a blue background with accents of the color you choose (red, yellow, etc.) Anyway, all fixed now, thanks for your help.

Ah glad you figured it out, cheers