Daily Notes

I’m looking for the Daily Notes feature of NotePlan 3. Basically I want to have a new section like Today, but one that allows us to create as many notes as we want in a virtual project. Basically what would happen is that during the day, the “Daily Notes” section would function like any other project, but when the next day changes, none of the notes are there. If you want to see notes from a previous day, you would change the date in the selector.

The reason for this is I take a lot of notes that I don’t really need beyond the day they are in, however, I don’t want to have to do all of the cleanup to mark them as done, nor do I want to see them past the current day.

I tried searching for this, so my apologies if it’s already been asked and answered.

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Seems to me you could just keep a project called Daily Notes. Add the notes there, and date them, but don’t ever look in that project. Instead, look and work in Today. Once a month, go to Daily Notes, delete the notes there, and empty the trash.

The reason that doesn’t fully solve the issue is:

  1. I don’t want the notes to ever be deleted, there should be able to be 10 years of notes (provided Agenda is around that long - hopefully)
  2. I want a quick way to go back and see all the notes for a specific day
  3. The quick note feature that is requested in a different thread is also part of this, as I’d need to be able to take notes without having to put it in the right project.


Couldn’t using the date-picker solve this problem?

Open the date-picker (from within a project or the Search All overview) and select the date you want to see notes from. The rest will be hidden. And you won’t have to throw away any. In addition you can tag them with Daily_Note so you can filter them.

Hope this helped,