Customized Style & List Keyboard Shortcuts



I’d love the ability to customize the markdown system for styles and list types. The app seems to be around using one’s time better but having to play the piano to access simple features seems like a nuisance that could be solved with allowing people to set their own key bindings.

Some examples:

  • Checklist = √ symbol (yes, square-root) rather than the current three button setup especially because this proposed keyboard shortcut conforms with the Fantastical 2 system – something I suspect many of us use
  • Heading 1 = # (Heading 2 = ##, Heading 3 = ### and so on) and then changing the tagging keyboard shortcut to something other than a single ‘#’ sign


Thanks for the feedback. Forgive me for asking but what is the keyboard shortcut for the square-root symbol?

With respect to the header, what you propose is already supported. If you start a line with one or more # signs it will be treated as the corresponding header.


Thanks for the response!
My mistake on the headers I must have missed that. I kept getting new tags.
And the square-root symbol is triggered by the Alt key and the letter V. It’s a strange little lesser-known keyboard shortcut it seems but surprisingly easy to type with one hand without moving far from the resting position the left hand sits in already.

Regards, N. Lehotsky