Customer registration pages

I work in the sales area, I am occupying the AGENDA to be able to manage my visits to the field of my clients with the summaries, but I feel that something is missing from the application … I try to occupy the “@” or “#” to try to keep a record of each client visited and what that meeting was about, but it is not very productive for me to have to press the name of the user and see where it appears in “search” for me it is more productive and easier that when pressing the name of the client it opens everything related to that customer, not where it appears on that note. Is there a possibility that such functionality may exist?
Sorry for the translation I had to use Google.

We certainly plan to improve tags and people tags in the not too distant future.

You might want to look in our Talk section. There are people who share how they use the app. I know I have seen people describe how they do it with clients.

I think what many do is create a new project for each client, and then put the notes of each meeting with them in that project. So rather than search, keep the clients sorted into separate projects.

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