Custom Watermark or Image on Notes

Firstly, thank you SO MUCH for creating an easy to use note taking app which is very uncomplicated - certainyl beats multiple and long winded workflows…however for me there is one thing I want to ask. Can you add custom headers/watermarks to notes? I normally send meeting notes to customers and having our company header / logo as default would be AMAZING.

Also can you change the color of the tables as well as change the width - this is something that is a bug bear espcially when some of my column width changes…

Thanks again

We would like to make tables more powerful in future. One difficulty is that they have to work on different devices with different screen widths. But it should all be possible.

The custom watermarks idea is interesting. Have not heard that before. One option may be to export in RTF format and add that via a different app (eg Word, Pages). We’ll keep it in mind.

Thanks for the feedback!