Custom ordering of the notes

Hi! I’ve been using your app not for so long, but it is my favorite app from the first minutes I tried it!

I haven’t found this in the upcoming features list, but one thing that I really miss in the app is customizing order of the notes inside projects. It is one of the critical things for me in such app. I’ve been using apps like Wunderlist where it is possible, but all of them miss so much other functions, that Agenda has. So bringing custom ordering of the notes to the app will make it amazingly magical and perfect for me. And I think there was such requests previously, so I hope for some feedback on this functionality.

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I’m not sure I’m following, you can drag and drop (or use the Note > Move To menu) notes to a different position within the project (as long as the assigned date order is consistent), or am I missing something?

Ooops, I tried to drag and drop, but it did not move… now it is. My mistake, thank you for the reply.

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