Cursor + Trackpad


first of all: really helpful and good looking app!
I just started to use it last week, but I’m using it more and more already. :slightly_smiling_face:

Only one thing is a bit “frustrating” for me. I use the Apple Magic Keyboard with Trackpad for my iPad. When I want to reposition the cursor with the Trackpad the following is happening:

  • I click on the new position
  • the menu on the bottom disappears (the one to style the text, insert things and so on)
  • the cursor disappears
  • I click again on the new position
  • the cursor is set to the new location and the bottom menu appears again

So there are two clicks and a fancy animation for just replacing the cursor to a new location within the same note.
If I do the same thing with my finger, it is only one tap: tap the new position for the cursor and the cursor is there - without the double-tap.

Is this intended? I could also not find any setting for this.
Thank you!

Maybe this helps too, if my “english” text doesn’t:

Ah, interesting. We haven’t done much testing with the new trackpad support. Sounds like we have an issue there. Will investigate. Thanks!

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These issues should have been fixed in the 10.0.2 release from yesterday.


Can confirm, works perfectly now.
Thank you! Upgraded to premium too. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for your support!