Cursor position after highlighting with a star

What I did: I write text in a line marked as checklist. I highlight the line with a star writing #star.

What happened: #star is transformed graphically into a star. But the cursor is positioned on the left side of the star. When I move the cursor further right and hit return then the next line gets body text and loses the list format.

What I expected: After marking the line with a star the cursor goes on the right side of the star. The next line should get the same format as before – hence be a checklist.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): Agenda 1.1

The star is designed to always be at the end of the line, so it moves there. That explains why you insert inside the star.

Yes, that is the way I use it.
But, please, try to set the star and enter return to get a new line!
The star is following you after the cursor…

Hmm, yes, I see what you mean. Will think about this one.

Also on stars, what’s the canonical way of destarring an item? I notice that, even when an item is starred, the contextual menu (correct term?) still says: “Mark with Star”. The only way I could find of removing the star was selecting the star with the cursor (a surprisingly fiddly operation) and pressing the Delete key.

Yes, there’s definitely a problem here. Once your insert the star it’s there. Delete does NOT get rid of it when there are multiple bullets.

Example: place four items in a list (say checklist) Star one of them. Now try to delete the star. You can’t. What it does is take the next bullet and append it to the previous one, then put the star at the end. This goes unto all items are on one line and you can’t delete the star at all

Worst of all, if you delete the bullet, it goes away but the star doesn’t.

Please consider just doing away with the star.

We will look into this. I think what is needed is probably an alternate menu item, so that if you press Alt (option), you get Unstar.

Note that you can click the little circle as you mouse over a paragraph, and unstar in the popover.

Where can I find the circle?

Where can I find the circle?

Hover your mouse over a paragraph. See the small circle left of the paragraph? Click that.

Oh, thanks. That’s easy enough!

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