Cursor jumping to end of note every 5 seconds

What I did: Trying to type anywhere in a note besides the bottom.

What happened: Within ~5 seconds the cursor jumps to the end of the note.

What I expected: The cursor stays where I’m typing :slight_smile:

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): Agenda 2.6 beta, OSX Mojave 10.14.1 beta, 2017 MBP.

This has been happening since 2.5 I believe; I don’t see it happening in any other text interaction applications.


Hmm, does it happen in all notes? What about a new note?

Great call-out – it’s only new notes (since some date). I found a much older note and the cursor did not jump.

I can probably bisect to try and narrow that date window.

The same notes do not jump in iOS (just tested).

Does it continue to suffer this problem if you restart the app?

Is it related to whether there are other notes below it?

Does it matter what you are entering?

Any clues you could give that might suggest what is going on?

I’ve spent the past few weeks playing around with different circumstances to see if I could narrow down when it happens and when it doesn’t (it happens in almost all situations).

The only additional correlation I’ve seen is that the cursor jumps when the note flashes in “Recently Edited Notes”. I disabled iCloud syncing and this still happens (note flashes and cursor jumps) – I thought that might be the action but it looks like it’s just the general autosave.

I have not been able to find a definitive “the cursor doesn’t jump in situation X” yet.

I have only seen this happen in MacOS – under iOS the cursor does not show the jump behavior.

Odd. It definitely does sound like it is triggered by the saving, as you say.

I assume it doesn’t jump every single time a note saves. That would be very often. So it is just occasional, correct?

No, it’s every save :frowning:

And it happens in latest beta as well (4.0)

Is there anything unusual about your setup? Eg. a third party bluetooth keyboard or something?

Could you perhaps make a movie capture of the issue?

Ah hah! This triggered it for me! (er the realization). I have a yubikey, it emulates a keyboard. I hadn’t even thought of it until you mentioned 3rd party keyboard. I pulled out the yubikey and so far the behavior has not recurred. I’ll update to let you know if this keeps it away (and then i’ll hve to figure out what to do :slight_smile:

Shoot, it’s come back even with out the yubikey. I’ll make a quick video soon.

That is really odd. I have never seen that before.

You should this in the “On the Agenda” overview. Does it also happen if you select a normal project, and try to edit there?

This week I wiped the entire install (find ~/Library -name "*genda*") and installed again, and now there’s no problem. Which is 99% great! I’ll speak up if it recurs but it seems really unlikely. I’m so happy to be back in Agenda for my daily note-taking!

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