Cumbersome Shortcuts/Text editing on Mac

Don’t get m wrong, I love the iCloud integration amount my MacBook, iPhone and iPad, there are plenty of organizational options (pros and cons) First, the yellow stars are great for key points that are announced we best test on

Second, it is such a pain to the change the font and or heading/splasing

Not following completely. We don’t currently have any means of changing the font. Do you mean making headings etc? You can use the menus, or you can use standard Markdown format, which is quite quick and easy once you know it.


I wasn’t aware that you could use markdown. Yes I am a programmer myself and it was quite frustrating to either memorize the shortcuts and constantly forget, or hit those tiny radio buttons. Otherwise the syncing feature is great across all my iDevices including mac computers. One thing to keep in mind is that OmniOutliner allows for a microphone function which you would just have to add a disclaimer in to get whoevers permission that you are recording. I’m slow at taking notes in college so that helps greatly. Thanks for the super fast response, not sure that anyone has gotten back to me this quickly, especially in the middle of the night while I’m adding in final touches and comments to my java project I procrastinated on.


We are in the process of adding attachment support now, and after that I’m sure audio will become an option in some form. Need the attachments in there first though.