Crop images

It would be great to be able to crop photos.

Use case: was a conference yesterday, used Agenda to take notes and took photos (in Agenda) of some of the slide. However, when I tried to crop the images to keep just the slide, I found no way to do this in iOS, or later in MacOS. The text on the images is more or less unreadable unless I open each image in Preview and magnifiy it. (Cropping in Preview creates a new image).

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I think the camera tool should allow cropping when you take the photo.

We don’t allow any editing of existing attachments yet, other than pencil drawings. We will add that in future hopefully.

For now, you would have to export the photo to Files or another app, and crop it there, adding it back later.

We will keep the request in mind. Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks Drew. Cropping within Agenda would be really helpful.

At a conference there isn’t time to faff around cropping the photo while taking it, and exporting, cropping and reimporting post-event is too much of a distraction when reviewing and tidying up notes of an event.